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Professor Frost and his Fantastical Fleas

Roll up, Roll up to a time of flamboyant showmanship, genuine craftsmanship, and bunkum and humbug of Professor Frost's minuscule menagerie of fantastical fleas.

Frostie presents this fascinating forgotten art form which will amuse and amaze audiences.  

Flea circus' date back to the 1820s where Italian impresario Louis Bertolotto would perform for the public on London's Regent Street, with real life fleas.

Frostie mixes the traditional flea circus with hidden modern technology to give his audiences an enjoyable and authentic experience.

Frostie Fact #5:- Frostie built his first flea circus during the 2020 lockdown as a gift for his son's birthday, who is now probably the UK's youngest flea circus ringleader at just 9 years old!