"I don't do kids, but if I did....

 The thing about Frostie is that he has the rare talent to see the potential in a concept, an idea, a process and follow it through to a perfect conclusion.

If you can't see the potential in this, how on earth have you survived thus far!"



A magical Christmas trick & giveaway!

You announce to your audience you have the certificates which show if they are on Santa's Naughty or Nice list.  But when you reach for the certificates, you have bought the wrong ones with you.  These are all NAUGHTY certificates!


Using the nicest magic ever, the children transform the certificates back into NICE certificates, that can even be given away to them.

This incredible effect packs flat, plays gigantic, resets in a second, and is able to be performed seconds after opening the packet!

Naughty or Nice - £35.00

30 Refill Certificates - £10.00

Contact me:-  info@magicfrostie.co.uk to buy yours today!

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