The Frostie Show

The Frostie Show is a frantically, high energy 45-60 minute show.


It's fun for the entire family, filled mind-blowing magic, parody songs, hilarious ventriloquism and puppetry and madcap crazy comedy.

Frostie tours this show across the country in theatres and holiday parks.

Frostie's Singalong Show

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Frostie sings songs which will make you want to dance, sing and laugh.

From the dizzy heights of 80s pop to the guitar thrashingly fun of 00s bubblegum-punk. Frostie even sings a few of his own comedy songs from his album 'The Dusty Cat



Frostie's singalong show will have you moving, grooving and dancing the night away


The Christmas Show


When Jack Frost steals Santa's Christmas magic, it's up to Frostie the Elf, and the children in the Audience to help save Christmas in this wonderful show filled with festive fun.

This can be run as a one man show, or have a cast of up to three performers including our fantastic top quality Santa Claus.

The best show this side of The North Pole!


The Royal Flea Circus

Get ready to travel back in time to a world victorian, vaudeville showmanship.  

The Royal Flea Circus is one of the last remaining working Flea Circus' in the UK, and Frostie is proud ringleader of the smallest spectacle on Earth.

This is a truly fascinating art form, which Frostie is proud to be able to bring to audiences.

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