The Magic Frostie Show

Looney Tunes Style Poster NO NAME  ©moss

Frostie Fact #3:-  Frostie's wife, Amy, is an artist.  She painted his stage shoes (look out for them) and made his iconic cheese bow tie!

The Magic Frostie Show is a fun-filled hour of cartoon style magical mayhem!  Along the way you'll meet a fun-loving cheese monster from the planet Gorgonzola, hear hilarious original songs from the mind of Frostie himself and experience real life, never before seen special effects and unique magical moments.

Frostie is a familiar face to the UK Holiday Park and Festival circuits. He also performs at children's birthday parties across London and Essex, and at the iconic venue Hamley's Toy Store, for their VIP events.

Frostie proudly writes all of his own material, meaning you'll never see another show like it.